How To Set Up A Video Doctor Consult
Using Zoom Cloud Meeting

Doctor Laptop to Patient Cell Phone

Doctor’s Easy Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Connect with Patients

Step 1

Open Zoom on your laptop and select Schedule A New Meeting.

Step 2

Name your Meeting and fill out the specifics, then select Save.

Step 3

Find your meeting on the list of Upcoming Meetings and select Start.

Step 4

Once the Zoom meeting has started and you see yourself on the laptop screen, select Invite Participants.

Step 5

Send the Patient an Email Invitation to Join Send.

Step 6

Once Patient joins the call, begin the Consult.

Easy Steps for Patient Connecting with Doctor

Step 1

The Patient opens email from the Doctor on their cell phone and clicks the meeting link.

Step 2

The Patient gives permission for Zoom to use the camera.

Step 3

The Patient chooses “Dial In” to connect with Doctor on Zoom.