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Welcome to iSelectMD

With iSelectMD, you have access to our exceptional staff of doctors for all non-emergent illnesses.  There is no fee to speak to the doctor, your only out of pocket expense is the cost of medication.  First, before you call:

Register Online Now

Step 1. Before calling, each patient must pre-register online using the button above or by clicking HERE.

(Children 4 yrs. and up are eligible. Adults and children over 18 years are required to speak to the physician. Adults requesting a consult for a child must be legal guardian to request a consult for children under 18 years of age, living with you or out of state.)

Step 2. List all family members residing with you and complete all Family Member Medical Forms online before you call.

Step 3. Log out. Your email address will become your NEW LOGIN User Name when updating medical forms online each time you call.

You do not have to register each time you need a doctor’s consult.

Illnesses Treated:

  • Respiratory Infections – Sinusitis / Bronchitis
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Pharyngitis / Sore Throat / Strep Throat
  • Pink Eye / Conjunctivitis
  • Ear Infections
  • Seasonal Allergies
  • Cold & Flu
  • Indigestion / Diarrhea
  • Shingles
  • Poison Ivy
  • Motion Sickness when Traveling

Before you call:

    1. Pre-Register all family members residing with you and complete your Medical Forms online.
    2. Have your pharmacy information available

To Schedule a Consult

Our patient-centric process begins with contacting our Patient Care Center at 1-877-775-3006 (press extension 1). Our trained professional staff will:

    1. Verify that you are not experiencing a healthcare emergency.
    2. Request most convenient pharmacy name and contact information.
    3. We will next contact a board certified physician and convey pertinent Medical information.
    4. Next an iSelectMD physician will call you at the time and number you provided.
    5. Physician will consult and discuss diagnosis and potential treatment plan.
    6. If appropriate, physician will call a prescription in to your preferred pharmacy.
    7. If you are not feeling better or have gotten worse, contact iSelectMD back at no additional charge or seek immediate care with your primary care physician, Urgent Care, or Emergency Room.